I thought I had a good wardrobe of clothes. I am so. wrong. -T-ray-cee

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yesterday Shopping

yesterday, I went shopping. I hadn't gone shopping since Christmas time, and the things that I bought weren't even for me. How unsatisfying! I pleaded my mom to take me shopping, but the hard part was pleading my dad. He has recently been bent on conserving money due to the economy and his early "retirement" (I think he'll decide to work again soon...I hope...). Then, the journey began! My mom, grandma, and I all piled into the car and on our way to the mall. I can't even begin to describe how I felt when I entered the glorious shopping haven. Each wall in the building was lined with shops. Shiny shops with their shiny new things, and perfect window displays. (Sometimes, I want to pretend to be godzilla and just demolish everything, and then I would awiphweripeogr) I was less interested in places that sold tea sets and luggages and more interested in places that sold bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories. When I see clothing displayed in shops, it all seems so untouchable. Too holy to be touched, or even be thought of. O.O Just kidding, but sometimes the shops do give off a standoffish feeling to teenagers especially if they are a high end store. This whole supercilious feeling wears off though because the you know that you have the authority (or a credit card) to purchase whatever you please. UNLESS you are in a bit of a financial credit situation like most Americans. *sigh.

When I walked into Bloomingdales, I kept smiling. I was just so happy that I could be surrounded by such beautiful creations of fashion designers. Even if some of the clothes were....kinda fug.. I still felt happy. My desire to be surrounded by aestheically pleasing areas is I admit a bit shallow. It reminds me of all the haters of fashion and how they say that fashion is artifical, superficial, and other adjectives that mean fake. I do agree with the haters that after I look at the clothing for a period of time, I do notice that fashion is only to visually please others, but I can't help but love it. There's something about fashion that seems exclusive. A cool kids club. I'm not saying that only awesome people like myself(jk) can join, but I think that fashion is only available to those who truly want it. Afterall, fashion is an art, and the clothing that the designers create is like a canvas that a painter would paint or draw on. Beautiful clothing also gives confidence to people who wear it. I see no harm in that ;) Confidence can come from anywhere maybe even I don't know, a piece of paper or a rice cooker? Who knows.

After scouring the floor and trying on at least 15 different things in the dressing room, I decided on 3 things. The clothes were paid for, but left in the store because there was a presale thing going on, and I have no idea, but I have to pick it up on Friday.

All in all, I'm just sharing my general happiness after my shopping trip to the mall. Fashion is so cool. Disclaimer: this is a pointless piece of crap story with bad grammar and scattered thoughts.

Here are some pictures of pieces of paper and rice cookers.
Side Note: my friend says that if you say "you rice cooker!" in a really insulting tone of voice, it could almost sound offensive. C'mon. Say it. You RICE COOKER! HOW DARE YOU, YOU RICE COOKER.


mah ashun rice cookuh.