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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alexander Onizawa

One really big fail by Alexander Onizawa, the amazing guitarist of One Ok Rock. I really like this Japanese rock band called One Ok Rock. (You should check it out. I like their songs Liar, Living Dolls, and Koi no aibou kokoro no cupido. Also, the lead singer used to be part of NEWS, but he left them because he wanted to sing different music. So, he regrouped his old high school band, One Ok Rock!!!!!!)

Anyways...Alex Onizawa was arrested in April 2009 for groping a prep school girl's leg in a train in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. Supposedly, he was drunk and he even admitted to the charges.

Alex delayed One Ok Rock's new single at the time, caused One Ok Rock's nationwide tour of Japan to be cancelled, and caused One Ok Rock's song not to be chosen for a drama.

Alex wasn't prosecuted since the matter was settled outside of court.
That's what I call a super fail.

Here are some really. HOT. photos. (he's also a model and can draw really well)

omgggg sexxyy Alex o__o;

model alex~

One Ok Rock <3

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oil Spill and Obama Kicking Arse

Pretty authentic, huh? Obama is samurai-ninja. Don't believe me? I can prove it! FYI: for those who don't know who Jeff Goldblum is, he is an actor and was in a movie called The Fly. His character was bitten by a radioactive fly and turned into a fly. So they're saying Obama didn't swat and kill a fly, he swatted at and killed Jeff Goldblum.

As we all know the
Gulf Oil Spill Disaster has been going on for about 3 months, making this the worst oil spill disaster that has ever occurred! When it began, the spill was the "thing to talk about" on every news source and Obama made a special appearance on the Today Show stating that he has to talk to the experts so he knows "who's ass to kick". Epic words Mr. President and now he will go down in history as the Black Ass Kickin' President (who's also half white). Nah, I'm just joking, it has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with Obama's efficiency to bring up a team of experts to kick someone's ass! (Mr. T? Expert! Chuck Noris? Expert! Bruce Lee? Expert! Betty White? expert. Al Pachino? expert! Tinky-Winky?!)

All jokes aside, the Oil spill has been the worst oil spill disaster that the world has ever faced and for the first time in months BP has found a way to stop the oil from flowing out. Thank the Heavens!! Now that the oil has stopped pouring out due to (a) new cap(s) put in, now, BP has new problems such as the remaining oil in and on the water, clean-up, what happened that led to the explosion (officially), and costs.

Until BP answers or does anything official, you can help to by
Cleaning-Up the Gulf on your own by joining National Wildlife Federation , Deep Water Horizon Response , Natural Resources Defense Council or just donate any hair or fur you have or just keeping up with it's progress then here.

Bringing up the Oil Spill may seem like "old news" and I'm sure many others have covered it as soon as the spill occurred, but the reason Petite Cup of Tea brings this "old news" back is to make sure people are remembering old events as well as current ones such as
Haiti. Yes, Haiti is still destroyed and still needs to be rebuilt, even though it has been 6 months!

Let's not forget about all the problems that have been occurring in this world instead of only taking notice of the ones that are currently occurring. Let's give equal attention to all the problems and work together to find the best solution with an open mind and open arms. Oh and don't forget Obama has talked to the experts, so he knows who's ass to kick, kick, kick. (straight from the parody I love so much, mainly due to my love for Bruce lee R.I.P!)


Monday, July 19, 2010

It is unhealthy!!

I found this model (Nkosi Myers) by accident and I know nothing about him other than his lovely skin tone, flushed and high cheek bones, and curly hair. I think he's an up-in-coming model, but I hope he becomes a supermodel because he has the face for it!!

Did you know it's unhealthy to stare at the computer screen too long? Especially if there's a hot male model on the screen?.... It's bad for your health. So Stop Staring!

Lars Burmeister (German model) known for being a HUGO BOSS model and being the hot model in the GIORGIO ARMANI CM. I can't stop staring at him especially after watching this CM for ARMANI and it doesn't help that the cologne smells really good! It's a girl magnet! Lars is good looking with a cute pout!

And here's a parody of it.

Wish I was in the CM with him. A girl can only dream.

Someone who really pouts is Brazilian model, Bruno Santos. He's known for being a GUESS and ARMANI model and is also a nature lover (gotta love a man who wants to save and protect nature). Bruno said when he was little wanted to be an ecologist because he would cry whenever a tree was cut down. His life story is pretty interesting and accessible on his site. It's a true rags to riches story, even though his heart lies with his nature and those he loves, he appreciates all that the modeling and fashion industry has done for him. Bruno is not only good looking, but his eyes hold a touch of mystery and he's humble. If you don't believe me read his bio on his official website.

He wants to protect nature, can he protect me too?

Travis Fimmel, a former Austrailian model, he used his angelic face and golden locks to get into an acting career, which he's currently in (and cut off all his hair)! He came to L.A with only $60 to become a Calvin Klein model (a very successful CK model, like male version of Kate Moss successful CK model), Tarzan, and later an actor. He seemed to have gambled with life and seemingly won. More on his site...or fan-site?

This was my share of male-models-that-will-ruin-your-eyesight-because-you-were-staring-at-them-too-long list. Wait for the next edition! Next month!!! Now Google these men! >0

Made in Brazil

God, why does Brazil have so many beautiful people? They are known for getting the hottest models, look at Adriana Lima or Giselle or Alessandra! The newest model to hit the scene is-waddya know- she's a beautiful Brazilian, Gracie Carvalho. From Victoria Secret catalogs to J Crew to editorials in Vouge Magazine (Brazil) to High Fashion run ways. This model is moving up the Fashion "food chain" FAST! I simply love her simple but beautiful features. high cheek bones, soft eyes, and even her nose are distinct features of Gracie.

More Pics: