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Monday, July 19, 2010

It is unhealthy!!

I found this model (Nkosi Myers) by accident and I know nothing about him other than his lovely skin tone, flushed and high cheek bones, and curly hair. I think he's an up-in-coming model, but I hope he becomes a supermodel because he has the face for it!!

Did you know it's unhealthy to stare at the computer screen too long? Especially if there's a hot male model on the screen?.... It's bad for your health. So Stop Staring!

Lars Burmeister (German model) known for being a HUGO BOSS model and being the hot model in the GIORGIO ARMANI CM. I can't stop staring at him especially after watching this CM for ARMANI and it doesn't help that the cologne smells really good! It's a girl magnet! Lars is good looking with a cute pout!

And here's a parody of it.

Wish I was in the CM with him. A girl can only dream.

Someone who really pouts is Brazilian model, Bruno Santos. He's known for being a GUESS and ARMANI model and is also a nature lover (gotta love a man who wants to save and protect nature). Bruno said when he was little wanted to be an ecologist because he would cry whenever a tree was cut down. His life story is pretty interesting and accessible on his site. It's a true rags to riches story, even though his heart lies with his nature and those he loves, he appreciates all that the modeling and fashion industry has done for him. Bruno is not only good looking, but his eyes hold a touch of mystery and he's humble. If you don't believe me read his bio on his official website.

He wants to protect nature, can he protect me too?

Travis Fimmel, a former Austrailian model, he used his angelic face and golden locks to get into an acting career, which he's currently in (and cut off all his hair)! He came to L.A with only $60 to become a Calvin Klein model (a very successful CK model, like male version of Kate Moss successful CK model), Tarzan, and later an actor. He seemed to have gambled with life and seemingly won. More on his site...or fan-site?

This was my share of male-models-that-will-ruin-your-eyesight-because-you-were-staring-at-them-too-long list. Wait for the next edition! Next month!!! Now Google these men! >0

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