I thought I had a good wardrobe of clothes. I am so. wrong. -T-ray-cee

Sunday, January 24, 2010

FEBUARY: Black History Month

A PETITE CUP OF T - Is going to celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH by showing the people of color who have affected the Fashion industry. And tell you a little about them!

(left to right: Chanel Iman, Sessilie Lopez, Jordan Dunn, Arlenis Sosa)

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Occult Closet

I think the most interesting part about my room has got to be my closet... It's always messy and clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories are scattered about. Pretty interesting.

Things I recently bought: The black and white bustier by Nanette Lepore was the shirt that I wore for the Lady Gaga concert!

Also this vest by Rozae Nichols is soo hardcore. The beads are nice :)

Alexandra actually took this picture on my desk. All the things in the picture are supposed to represent what you can find in a girl's purse. Good job putting a ribbon on my bear Alex!

<3 Tracey

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey guys, this is Tracey. I WENT TO THE LADY GAGA CONCERT TODAY!!!!!!! I had good orchestra tickets and her first concert in NYC!!! woot woot~ omg she was too cool. She's amazingly funny also O_O but I thought more people were going to be dressed crazy and awesomely. I saw some people dressed like Lady Gaga, but most were in jeans from what I saw. Donald Trump was there, no kidding. lolz. The Gaga fans looked hot, and we all went crazy for her. Lady Gaga's costumes were cool too though. She started out covered in lights, then went to a head dress thing, then stripped to reveal a leather leotard, butttttttt I'd rather not write about all the costumes. On january 24th, all Lady Gaga ticket/merchandise sales will go to the Haiti people! Buy her stuff!! Help the poor Haitians.. :(

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.
<3 Tracey

she looks hardcore in the circle thing. It's like an Atlas vibe. but she's INSIDE instead of carrying the world~

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We are two girls that reside North of the Milky Way and to the East of the Southern tip of the galaxy with a short (confused? It's okay, so are we) and we are here to introduce the combinations that ART and FASHION have to bring to the table!

Tracey describing Alexandra - Alex is a hyper overly friendly creepy spazz that likes to hang with guys. She LoVeS doing my make up, and loves all colors. She also does really good sketches, and likes researching anything that's pretty. She also sucks at bio and being normal. She also is a problem solver! (a social problem solver). She likes giving advice to people. There's more to her, but it wouldn't even fit in a dictionary.... I think ALEX is a lizard.

Alexandra describing Tracey - Tracey is my cute sized friend who has a chic and sharp taste in the Art of Fashion. She likes fashion, she knows fashion, and frankly she tells people when they have NO fashion sense. She seems kick ass right? Nah, she's really a teddy bear who likes hugs and hates chest hair. EW >3<. She seems like the quiet type but she isn't quiet. She's cute and cuddly and furry all over. okay, not furry, but you get the picture, she's cute!