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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Un-thinkable pt. 2 Loving Day

I talked about "Un-thinkable by Alicia Keys and how she tackled Interracial couples and now I will speak about those who really did the Un-thinkable.

On June 12th 1967, The Loving V. Virginia law was passed, allowing whites to marry those who were not white. This was all due to Mr. and Mrs. Loving-Mildred Loving, a black woman and her husband, Richard Loving, challenged society and the law in Virginia when they decided that they wanted to marry. This would lead to a series of events where they changed History, they brought their impregnable love to the Supreme Court and they passed the Loving V. law, allowing interracial couples. Since then, the numbers of interracial couples has sky-rocketed. Due to this the Race of the Future theory came about,it says due to the mixing of races (miscegenation), all the races blending to become one race in the future.

Anyway, to celebrate LOVING DAY (June 12th) A Petite Cup of Tea, shows, those who have done the Un-thinkable or the children of the Un-thinkable.

  1. Machiko Harris (Black/Native American/Japanese)
  2. Katja Schehkina (Black/Russian)
  3. Kidada and Rashida Jones (Black/Irish)
  4. Alicia Keys (Italian/Black)
  5. Dwayne "Rock" Johnson (Black/Samoan)
  6. Jessica Szohr(Black/Hungarian)
  7. Sesslie Lopez (Portuguese/Dominican)
  8. Vanessa Williams (Black/White)
  9. Devon Aoki (English/Japanese)
  10. Dennis Oh (Korean/White)
  11. Daniel Henney (English/Korean)
  12. BOA (Korean/Japanese)
  13. Mylene Jampanoi (French/Chinese)
  14. Amira Ahmed (Filipino/Somali)
  15. Jhene & Mila J (Native America/Black/Japanese)
  16. Marlon Teixera(Brazilian/Portuguese/Japanese/Indian)
  17. Celeste Thorson (Korean/Scottish/Lebanese/Spanish)
  18. Sarah Shahi (English/Iranian)
  19. Thania Peck (Black/White)
  20. Megan Ewing (Mexican/German)
  21. Aydin Momtaz (Iranian/Spanish)
  22. Boris Kodjoe (German/Ghanaian)
  23. Noeme Lenior (French/Black)
  24. Nese Sayles (Black/Turkish)
  25. May J (Japanese/Iranian)
  26. Aline Serpa (Brazilian/Japanese)
  27. Channel Iman (Black/Korean)
  28. Tyson Beckford (Chinese/Black)
  29. Darla Baker (Polish/Native American)
  30. Crysal Kay (Korean/Black)
  31. Amerie (Black/Korean)
  32. Naomi Cambell (Jamaican/Chinese)
  33. Leah Dizon (French/Chinese/Filipino)
  34. Sabina Karlsson (Black/Swedish)
  35. Wentworth Miller (Black/English)
  36. Waed (Black/Saudi Arabian)
  37. Chrystele Saint-Louis Augustin (Black/French)
  38. Jasmine Sanders (Black/German)
  39. Jenny Sweetney (Norwegian/Native American (sioux)/Irish)
  40. Caroline Ribeiro (Portuguese/Amazonian Indian)
  41. Chole Goodrun (Black/Russian)
  42. Denise Vas (Black/Greek)


  1. very cool. how did you come up with this list?

    anyway, i love how BoA is on there xD.

  2. My family is mixed up and so are some of my friends so I love finding celebrities who are mixed up. And there are a few sites if you look hard enough that have mixed people.

    Lol, I wanted to have as many culturally diverse people as possible and I love BoA.