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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Asian Fashion

I have to admit that I am in love with asian fashion. Chinese, Japanese, Koorean clothes in asia are sooooo cute. Here in America, I believe that most girls just wear really nice statement pieces; for example, a really well designed shirt with sequins or ruffles. You know what I mean. And those shirts are paired with plain dark jeans. In contrast, I see most asians wear a lot of simple things; for example, plain t-shirts, simple graphic tees, solid colors, cute hoodies. Asians layer more than Americans, and I think those layers are adorableee. I applaud their styling skills because I think it takes a lot of thought to make all those clothes cohesive in one look.

It is SO difficult to find asian clothing where I live. I mean I am near New York and there is Flushing, Queens (the new home of the asian) where they sell SUPER cute stuff, but my mother is convinced that the clothes there suck balls and have no quality whatsoever. She also thinks that it is overpriced which is the only area where she is right. Also, since I am asian the clothes in asian stores do fit me better since well...the clothes are made by other asians. Isn't it natural for someone of the same race to be better at tailoring clothes for the same race? I think sooo~~ Most of the clothes are flattering on my kind of short frame, and it's a rare occurance. *applauds asian clothing once more*

The first time I really saw asian fashion was in Japanese fashion magazines my sister bought from Kinokuniya. Previously, I had no idea what asians wore. When I asked my mom she would always say that they dress trashy and what not. (insert insulting, degrading, and supercilious words from my mother~)But!!!! when my sister (Stephanie who is a coool person, sometimes) brought home issues of Japan's Seventeen magazine and a Japanese magazine called Cutie, I was love at first sight. The girls all had their own personality, their own sense of style, they weren't afraid to wear weird things (such as huge overalls, socks with flats, and every other no no in American style). Maybe the reason I was so excited was because it was something new, but I seriously think that asian fashion needs to be more appreciated, and not just for the underground fashion such as harajuku, but the everyday style too.

I think in general, fashion in America is getting a little bland. It isn't the design, but the way girls are styling themselves. (I'm talking teenagers since I am one..and I can only relate to teens...) girls that wear plaid shirts with skinny jeans, oversize shirts with jeans, lace shirts with jeans, a blazer with jeans. there is a pattern, but...most people just wear jeans with a nicer top. It's not that those combos aren't cool and stylish, but I think it's jaded and I hope more girls branch out more and experiment with something OTHER than a nice top and Jeans. I'm talking about normal everyday street fashion, not editorial fashion. Because obviously in magazines...those outfits are more..styled. professionally.

This turned out to be more of a rant. I'll post some pictures of what I'm talking about. :D

pictures from Cutie magazine. (okay these pictures are a little dated.. .i think they are from 2007? I was inspired 2 years ago okay? don't judge my ... non-current pictures from JAPAN!!!)

here are some sites that my friend gave me. She said they are mostly punk sites, but I'm using these as examples. Omg I want so much stuff from these places. :(

This is one site from me.. :( I don't know many azn sites.


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  1. what is this?!: "when my sister (Stephanie who is a coool person, sometimes)"

    lol. i love CUTIE~~~!! fiiiinally a post, and a good one :). you write very well.