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Friday, February 26, 2010

Ice Skating Costume Evolution!!

I have to say that this year all the competitors in the 2010 Olympic Women's figure skating had fantastic costumes. They had nice sparkle with sequins, hard core crystals, and bright hues. Finally, fashion has reached the ice skating costume industry. Before, costumes were tacky, cheap, and ew.

Exhibit A:

*shivers* Do I even have to explain that one?

Exhibit B:


OKAY! Here are the three 2010 olympic women's figure skating medalists' costumes. I thought all three were amazing.

Exhibit A: Yu-na Kim's outfit for the 2010 Olympics. Nice crystals and blue! Suits her well.

Exhibit B: I thought Mao Asada looked the cutest! Her dramatic outfit and gestures. The outfit is nice witht he feathers on the bottom. The red makes her look seductive. :)

Exhibit C: Joannie Rochette looked beautiful in her short program performance.

Look at the difference... It seems that skaters today have become increasingly concerned with their appearance. Costumes can cost up to thousands of dollars! All that sparkle and cool stuff. See the evolution?

<3 Tracey

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