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Friday, February 26, 2010

Vera Wang extends her talent to the ice

I was recently told that Vera Wang did ice skating costumes and that she previously competitively ice skated. Since when?!?!?!?!?! I was totally shocked and so I researched some of her costumes. They're beautiful * q * <- my drool face that my sister taught me. See the drool from the q? haha okay back to the amazing Vera. Apparently, she designed Evan Lysacek, Olympic Gold medalist figure skater's costume. Isn't it beatiful?

Oh my Vera. You've done a wonderful job! Those awesome clear Swarovski crystal covered snakes that accentuate his body and pop amongst the black canvas. Then the black snake just adds harmony and balance; thus evening out the elements. Not too little, not too much. I'm in love~

Vera also did another skater, Nancy Kerrigan. Nancy is so pretty in Vera's designs in the 1994 Olympic games. Vera also designed for ice skater Michelle Kwan.

This is my second favorite of Nancy.

It looks like a cute mini wedding dress~

Good job Vera. I'll do another post about the 2010 Olympic women skaters' outfits!

<3 Tracey

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