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Friday, February 12, 2010

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen the genius

Alexander McQueen's Spring 1998 show

February 11, 2010, Alexander McQueen, a brilliant and wildly creative fashion designer committed suicide at 40 years of age by hanging himself. He was devastated at his mother's death. McQueen and his designs stormed the London fashion scene in the 1990s; London again became a chic and cool. He was the youngest of 6 siblings and did not grow up to a wealthy childhood. No one will forget McQueens unforgettable fashion shows, clothes, and the impact he made on society with his out-of-the-box ideas. His ingenous and beautifully made clothes were worn by many celebrties on the red carpet. Many designers and celebrities including Vivienne Westwood, Lady GaGa, and etc said their condolences. He also made Lady Gaga's famous lobster shoes from her video "Bad Romance". His vision was the impossible made into reality. London's Fashion Week, coming soon will sincerely miss Alexander McQueen's great contribution to the fashion industry. Flowers from fans were placed in front of his shops in London.

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  1. poor alexander mcqueen T.T such a great man gone!!!! great pics trace!